Card Sketch Organization

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Being a card maker, I have a huge collection of creations that I’ve saved over time. I had been wanting to turn some of the cards I’ve created into sketches so I could refer back to them when I needed some inspiration.   I decided to turn this cute recipe box into a reference for all my original card sketches.  I usually start with a product when I create, so a sketch is useful for me to get my creativity flowing.

Since the box held 4×6 cards, I replaced the recipe cards included in the box with Project Life grid cards from Becky Higgins.  Perfect for sketches!


To create my sketches, I used some template rulers that had shapes on them to help draw the sketch.


I added some other card reference materials to the box, including a techniques section as well as a section on design principles.   I made new labels to cover the dividers using my label maker and got to work on my sketches.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referenced this handy tool. I have sketches for both vertical and horizontal card designs with plenty of room for more ideas. This recipe box would also be great if you like to scrapbook and want to save sketch ideas.  I have a video HERE that shows my process if you want to take a look.

Here are some card sketches I created.  Feel free to use them for your own card sketch library.  For more on how I create a card from start to finish using a sketch, I have a video HERE.

(If you use these for a project, kindly link back to this blog to provide credit-thanks :).




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