Time Management: Planning My Creative Week


(The following post may contain affiliate links which means if you click on a product link, and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.  My full disclosure policy can be found HERE). 

Making time for creative projects during the week is very important to me.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I feel so blessed to have a fun hobby that brings me joy and allows me to share that with others.  As a blogger and member of design teams, I like to  stay organized.  I wanted to share my process for staying on track during the week with all those crafty things I want to accomplish.

I have a video HERE where I go into a little more detail of my planner set up and workflow, or you can scroll below for the condensed version.


This year, I have been using the Miss Maker standard-sized Happy Planner along with the Blog Management Set–Personal Blog from Printable Possibility.  I love the weekly “to do” page and actually replaced the weekly pages in my planner with this one–I just print it out at 80% trim it to 7″ x 9 1/4″ and punch the side with my Happy Planner punch.


I wanted to streamline my focus a little bit with my blog and create a weekly workflow that would work for my life.

My 2019 focus as a whole includes:  Creating more Instagram stories and posting more “behind the scenes” photos, learning something new via a class, and improving my Clean and Simple card making technique.

My weekly workflow includes:  4 hrs. per week allotted to design team work and creative days fit in for other blog projects.  I like to keep the weekends free for scrapbooking or just taking a break from crafting all together.  It’s amazing what little breaks can do for your “creative mojo”!


In my planner, I use one of the weekly pages from the Happy Planner on the left to create a “monthly to do list” at the beginning of each month.  I covered the dates on the top with some patterned paper and a “to do” sticker.  This little strip has repositionable adhesive on the back so I can use it again for the next month.  My To Do section includes design team projects and other blog projects I need to accomplish for the month.  The Plan on It section includes other things I want to do creatively for the month such as improved photo styling or taking a class.

On the right, to plan my week, I use the “blogging to do” page from the Printable Possibility Blog Management Set.  I usually plan on Sundays taking note of other obligations I have going on in my “non-crafting” life.  I add a few of my “to do’s” from the monthly side over to my weekly side.  This will usually include design team projects that I have deadlines for.  I plan for each day of the week, but I don’t include specific time frames.  I’ll try to fit in some goals from the Plan on It section if I have room.  As I finish, I cross off what I’ve done and do it all again the following week.  My goal is to have everything crossed off on my monthly list.  If it isn’t though, I just move it over to the next month and start fresh.  The only things I make sure get crossed off are the projects with deadlines.


So far, this weekly planning process has been working well for me.  I plan revisit this at the end of the year and make changes if I need to.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my process or any of the products I use.   Thanks so much for joining me today!






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